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Comical trapeze artist

I have been trying to find a photograph to go with my latest work. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to find a photo of my Dad in his circus days; Dad passed away several years back. Mum has so many photos stashed in boxes, biscuit tins and containers of all sorts, hidden in the shed, and doesn’t live in our vicinity. I know I need to go and help clean out the shed and sort out some of my Mother’s memories with her. Taking time from the new job will be tricky, but I am hoping when a close family friend comes to Australia to stay in a couple of months, we will take time off and go down to Mums’ place; many hands make light work. I really want to post this poem though, it brings up a wealth of memories and adventures. I’m hoping to find a photo, I will then post this poem attached to that photograph at a later date.

Comical trapeze artist

A sentimental ditty,
a heartfelt mustered tune.
He entertained simplicity,
a magnanimous buffoon.

Hardier than the fool;
Foolhardiness his friend –
Recklessness his artistry;
though chary, in the end.

Stubbornness to carry on;
flexibility to bend.
Flying high not comical;
a fall – ‘He’s on the mend!’

Stretching irritates his bones,
as age begins to bite.
Memories of past endeavours;
a figure in full flight.

A small life – No! Not small
at all; he teeters on the edge.
His stories leave a legacy;
a comic, fully fledged.

Sharon Hughes ©2013


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