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Starting up my own Aquaponics System

An aquaponic system that involves tilapia or p...
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Aquaponics has become a viable and popular way for backyardies and the like to grow their own organic vegies and also have fish to eat, within a year to 18 months of setting it  up. An aquaponics system is easy to get your head around; the system uses the water from a fish tank to circulate through a gravel grow bed. Nitrifying bacteria convert fish wastes into nutrients; the plants use these as their main nutrient supply. The fish also benefit, as the water is filtered by the plants, giving the fish clean water to live in. The system uses less water to grow the same amount of produce than regular agriculture methods. The plants usually grow at a greater rate and produce more crop than the conventional backyard vegie garden. I found this easy to understand diagram from

As Paul and I go along with this project, I will add photographs, showing how we set it up and how it is going, It seems fairly simple.  I would like it to become a functional attractive part of our already existing garden; I don’t want an agricultural experiment type setup in our backyard.

Aquaponics System