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I haven’t posted anything for ages, here is another poetry installment!¬† A silly one at that…. ūüôā¬† I took this photograph at Yellagonga Regional Park in spring.¬† There is nothing deep and meaningful about this poem; I wrote it a few years ago in jest, after a mishap with a honey bee of the stinging kind.¬† Some facts about Australian Bees: we have around 1500 native bees in Australia.¬† Ten of these species are stingless, the rest can sting, although they are not aggressive, and relatively small, so their sting is usually not too much of a worry.¬† Unfortunately the most commonly known bee in Australia is not native (Apis mellifera); it is the common yellow-brown commercial honey bee.¬† European¬†pioneers ¬†introduced this bee in 1822 to produce honey for food (these bees are aggressive and real stingers).¬† Australian native bees don’t produce enough honey¬†for commercial use. They pollinate particular Australian native plants; although stingless bees are efficient pollinators of macadamias and blue banded bees show potential as pollinators of greenhouse tomatoes ¬†(¬† These particular bees I have photographed are Australian native bees, pollinating Banksia flowers.¬† Australian stinging bees can sting repeatedly, unlike the European honey bee, which only gets one chance at stinging before it dies.