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Summers Night

I wrote this poem a while ago and posted it without a photograph;  I attached it to this photo I took in Kenya.  I used this photo earlier as well, to portray an acrostic poem I wrote.  Sort of like mixing and matching…

Summers night


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Well of Life!

I chose this photograph I took in Patuet in 2009 to create a poem! I have not really considered writing something to a photograph before; generally choosing a photo from our large photographic library to match something I have already written!  it was rather interesting; I guess like a painter sitting in a beautiful setting, waiting for inspiration.  It was challenging at first, but once the words began to flow, the well was no longer dry!

Well of Life

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I wrote this poem yesterday.  Yet again, I found an apt photograph a fellow team member took in South Sudan.  Russell Turner and his son took wheelchairs with us on the first trip.  The fellow in the chair is an elderly chief, in his 90’s, which is rather old in South Sudan.  I love the people, they are so tall and proud.  I really do love these folks, and their culture.


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Poetry in Motion

This is another foursome; poems I have already posted individually in the past. The theme, ‘Poetry in Motion’ seems apt. Wildlife are poetry waiting to happen, just as children are. Two of these photos were taken by our dear friend, David Friend, in Zambia. I think I have mentioned him in the past. David is an aide worker in Zambia, he has been working as a doctor/surgeon in Africa for over 15 years now voluntarily. He is one of the most humble, generous human beings I know.  Anyone can donate to his cause whenever they like, by going to his webpage:

There is also a Youtube video showing the work he does

Poetry in motion

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I took this photograph in Patuet, South Sudan (once again) in 2009; OK, I know! I have hundreds of photos from this time, and many other times that I cherish, the memories are wonderful.  Photos are like touch ups of memories that over time begin to fade. Unless we go back, almost like returning to the easel, these memories can pummel into oblivion, skewing our recollection of events and adventures; sort of like a dream really. Dreams can’t be returned to like photos or touched up, like an old painting; this is probably for the best in many instances….. Particularly for me, the nightmare is a frequent visitor. I’m a don’t shut down without a fight kinda person, a storm raging in the head, a light that won’t go out, no matter how many times I try to turn it off; sort of like reaching for the switch, but it’s too high (I am only 4 foot 10 inches tall)!

Anyway, back to the photograph; I took it when we were walking back to the dusty man-made airstrip, this little home is teetering on the edge of the airstrip that locals made, by jumping up and down on the ground, until the earth was compacted sufficiently (no joke). It was rather a precarious landing when we arrived, but better than walking for three hours from the nearest village, as we did in 2007. Life is an adventure, no matter where you live, what you do or who you are…. Grab it, run with it, dream good dreams, live long!



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Created Not Conjured

Paul took this photograph in Kenya at a wildlife park;  although the eagle he photographed was not in captivity; it stood atop a eucalyptus tree (ironically, an  Australian icon). Africa have several  eucalyptus species that were introduced, being grown for timber and fire wood.  Unfortunately, the trees have become an invasive species, as most introduced species (flora and fauna) across the world have (when will we learn)?

Created not conjured