Amazing creature! (The Tiger, of course)

My name is Sharon Hughes; I have one husband and three lovely children (Hayden, Phil and Lisa). We live in sunny Perth, Western Australia. We are so blessed to live in a wonderful place; we have so much in this country, and often don’t realise or acknowledge it.  I love agricultural science (sustainable) and Africa (after the above mentioned of course). I am combining both to fulfill my passion for aid in developing countries; training and empowering; not just going, doing and leaving (I believe this can often do more harm than good).  I love to write poetry, contemporary and haiku. I have a wild imagination; I imagine that the world is  every bodies’ oyster and that fair trade should be a universal concept! Don’t give up on imagining a better future for ALL!  We became grandparents in December 2012, our lovely grandson is now 6 months old.

Our children (L to R) Phil, Lisa & Hayden