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Acrostic: Lizard

Hello blogging world!  I have been offline and out of action for a while.  Fortunately I have a week off of work to recuperate and to catch up with chores and gardening.  It seems like a continuation of work (just at home).  Yet, I don’t feel that way about it at all!  I enjoy working in the garden and working around the home.  I can be there for the family, enjoy a coffee with a friend and hang out with Paul when he hasn’t got a plumbing job on.  The garden looks great, by the way, and things around the house are falling into place.  I wrote an acrostic poem recently,  here it is, enjoy!


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Hopeful Acrostic


Our friend David is an aid worker (doctor) in Zambia, at the Mukinge Mission Hospital.  He often sends us photographs he has taken of his friends, the people and the wildlife.  This little girl, Jessica lives in the nearby village with her parents.  She is a joyous little girl; her smile seems to dissolve any hardship or infirmity that she or her family might be facing.  Joy comes from within; with it comes HOPE; hope leads to an inner peace that transcends all understanding.  I love this photo, so I decided to write my own acrostic poem, relating it to this beautiful photograph.

(Photograph by Dr David Friend)