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Wisdom in Creaton

G’day all! It has been a while, a month to be precise, since I have posted anything!  It has been raining madly here in Western Australia.  This is rather unusual for us this time of year; though unseasonable weather is becoming the norm, with global warming and the destruction of our intricate ecosystem, mining land and ocean…. etc.  We know it all, yet still seem almost deliberately unaware.  We went to the beach for our regular walk; Paul took some lovely shots before the rain set in again.  Is it spring here?  Fragile, chaotic…. Life!  Have a lovely day! 🙂

Wisdom in Creation


Shadow Puppets

I have written quite a bit of poetry, but have had lean times with photography.  It has been absolutely raining cats and dogs, and has been extremely stormy out!  I couldn’t hold off posting any longer, so I found another photo my hubby took to represent this poem I wrote a coupe of weeks ago.

Shadow puppets

Sanctuaries Lost

I have been writing quite a bit lately, but have not found any photographs to use.  This weekend will hopefully be full of photographic adventures, although it will be raining with gusto here, we are experiencing spring storms.  These are very unseasonable; leading me to believe more strongly that we are predominantly unconsciously slowly transgressing our planet, and it is kicking up a stink (deservedly)!

Once again, my husband Paul took this wonderful, thought provoking photograph, leading  me to write this haiku poem.  I really love haiku poetry.  It is succinct, therefore promoting depth.

Sanctuaries lost

Summers Night

I wrote this poem a while ago and posted it without a photograph;  I attached it to this photo I took in Kenya.  I used this photo earlier as well, to portray an acrostic poem I wrote.  Sort of like mixing and matching…

Summers night


Lament of Discontent

I wrote this poem back in 2000.  It is tongue in cheek humour, that I carry with me readily…. I believe we need to have a good old laugh at ourselves sometimes; particularly when feeling sorry for oneself for very little reason!  I do it regularly, and go back to this poem for regular visits, to give myself a good kick in the pants!  This photo I took of the pelican at Monkey Mia about six months ago seems rather apt!  He or she was rather stroppy with me for getting a little too close, and pretty much chucked a sad at me!  I found it rather hilarious, to say the least!

Lament of Discontent

Haiku: Water Dragon

I haven’t written a haiku for a long time, so here it is; once again a photograph taken by my husband Paul!

Water dragon


I wrote this poem a couple of days ago; the photo my husband took of the meerkat looking through the window pane seemed apt!


Gold fish fanasy

It is rather late here…. Yet again, sleep eludes me!  I have work in 7 hours; I will feel ragged and worn, as usual, due to long working days, and insomniac tendencies!  Oh well, poetry brings me solace! I have written a couple tonight; but after going through past journals, have come across some archaic poems I wrote more than a decade ago.  They seem rather childlike,  I guess my style of writing has changed a little over time.  Again, my wonderfully artistic hubby has taken a photo, yet again at the Melbourne zoo.  I thought it rather apt, in an elusive kind of way!

Getting off the subject of poetry, insomnia and the like…. In 3 and a half weeks one of my best friends in the entire universe is coming to Australia for a visit!  We haven’t set eyes on him for 7 years, so it is rather exciting, and will be the longest 3 and a half weeks of my life, and the shortest 1 and a half days of his stay!  Yes…. he can only stay for 1 and a half days!  David has been raising much needed funds back in his homeland of New Zealand, for his aide projects in Zambia.  He is a doctor, and has been a much loved friend of mine for over 30 years!  The fact that anyone could manage to cope with my idiosyncrasies for that long is a miracle, to say the least!  I have two such friends, besides my husband, and they both live miles away! I guess that’s why they can put up with me!  My hubby on the other hand, well, he’s either a saint, or just as nuts as I am! (Love him for it!)  I love my life!

Gold fish fantasy




It has been a full week since I have posted anything. We are all caught up in the whirlwind of life at times; work, family, friends.  Sometimes it’s nice to just sit down and breathe.  I just had one of these moments to sit and THINK!  I went through photos from our Melbourne (Australia) trip.  We had the chance to see our son, daughter in law and grandson (man it makes me feel old, saying grandson, and I’m not even 50 yet!)  We went to the Melbourne zoo; and although I’m not particularly fond of zoos, it was a lovely family outing.  I just scribbled this poem, and found that this photo my husband took was very well suited.  The beautiful ape sitting, having a snack and contemplating, really moved me.


Eternal Story

I wrote this poem yesterday, I attached it to a photo I took in the Yellagonga Regional Park of a crow, they are rather daunting looking birds, particularly in a bush land setting.

Eternal story