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Cheers to All, and HERE, HERE to Life!

Hello blogging friends!  Christmas has come and gone! Another year of goals that were set and met (or maybe not), decisions, adventures, surprises and possibly disappointments!  Another year to Praise God for sending His beloved Son, Jesus, to set us free!  The New Year is arriving on our doorsteps…..  New goals to be set and hopefully honoured or surpassed; a new year for making decisions (and, no matter how they turn out, these decisions will more than likely create new adventures and bring new surprises and possibly some disappointments into the mix)!  LIFE!!!  Isn’t it a wonderful mystery?  My husband took some lovely photos of the sunset yesterday, outside our front door.  Australia at Christmas, nearing 40 degrees Celcius (or around 100 Fahrenheit for my US friends); BBQs, beaches, kids in the street playing with new bikes, skateboards and the like!  WONDERFUL!  We are so blessed to have the freedom to choose life; to travel this huge country and experience all types of wonderful people, landscapes, climates, foods (to actually have food on our tables)….  So many in this world don’t get to choose Christ (without huge suffering or consequneces); or have food on the table, or the ability to travel around their own country safely or freely!  Here is that sunset we watched last night.  May you all enjoy your New Year and be Blessed abundantly!

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night sky
Image by dcysurfer / Dave Young via Flickr


(Sharon Hughes, 2011)

Silence; as the night embraces Creation!

Still, darkness is overcome by shimmering

beams lighting up the sky! Small flames

of hope, dotted purposefully throughout

the heavens. A symbol of freedom, hope;

A glimmer of peace and what is to come!

Light, gently filtering through the darkness;

yet persistently present – Purposeful Creator.