Allium cepa



Retreat to the trees; seldom does the forest reveal

her full splendour. Untainted by misfortune, she rises

from the ashes, more glorious than before. The birds

rebuild their nests, history does not bleed within

or cause them to grieve sentimental antiquity!

The wilderness unveils a peaceful stoicism.


The night has a life of its own, nocturnal stalkers rustling

through trees in search of sustenance; energy bequeaths

energy. A Boobook owls’ call cuts through the darkness

like a knife, she hunts under its cover. Slumber is an

ambiguous friend to some, daylight restores hope to

the oppressed and rest from their enemies.


Knotted Karris shaped by time, surviving the elements.

Their stories are written in their rings, circles of life

depicting seasons of despair and joy. Joy, casting a

shadow of hope in desperate times; symbolic in nature,

alive in us. Naked creation, a revelation of hope in a quest

to find peace, that only comes from the Creator.


Sharon Hughes 2017