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A Journey

When we visited Broome, up in the Kimberley (northern Western Australia) in March, we took a day tour by light plane with a small tour group up to the Horizontal Falls.  If you’re interested, here is a site that tells you a little of the falls.


We took some spectacular photos from the air.  I wrote a poem that fits nicely with the photograph, although I didn’t write it to coincide with it!  The poem is rather long, so I had to make the print quite small, hoping it can be read and interpreted properly.  It is coming into winter here in a month, the rain is pattering on our roof, we haven’t had any in really long time, and it has been a very long summer, at least here in the West.  Blessings to all!

A Journey


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I have posted this poem in the past; it is made up of several haiku poems I wrote on camels that I decided to join together.  They seem to flow well.  The photo was taken in Broome, Western Australia, on Cable Beach.  I last posted that my husband and I had our 25th wedding anniversary in March.  We rode down the beach on camels in our hippie garb, to meet our celebrant, who did a wonderful job helping us to have a memorable renewing of our vows ceremony!  Our photographer did a wonderful job capturing every moment too!  It was one of many delightful occasions that my dear husband and I have shared over the last 25 years, and knowing that there are many more to come!


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My husband and I had our 25th wedding anniversary last month. We had planned from the beginning to have our 25th up in Broome (northern Western Australia) riding in on camels, on the amazing Cable Beach.  We have lots of photos, but I haven’t been able to express in words the amazing time we had, and as those who read my posts know, I like putting poetry to photographs.  We spent a week in tropical paradise, I did not want to return to ordinary life again (but, who does when experiencing a wonderful holiday anyway)!?  All is good, and many more wonderful memories have been added to our catalogue called “LIFE”!

This photo was taken on Cable beach.   The poem has nothing to do with our trip; more to do with being met with negativity, when attempting to encourage others who cannot seem to look past current circumstances.  It seems that the more one tries to give a positive view, another negative gets thrown into the ring; and sadly that’s all it becomes, a vicious cycle (circle) of self absorption and discontentment.  Getting off the island may be seemingly impossible, until the leap into the ocean is taken, and the exhilaration of possibilities to come brings forth a euphoria only freedom of choice, and taking on new challenges and adventures brings!



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Well of Life!

I chose this photograph I took in Patuet in 2009 to create a poem! I have not really considered writing something to a photograph before; generally choosing a photo from our large photographic library to match something I have already written!  it was rather interesting; I guess like a painter sitting in a beautiful setting, waiting for inspiration.  It was challenging at first, but once the words began to flow, the well was no longer dry!

Well of Life

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Poetry in Motion

This is another foursome; poems I have already posted individually in the past. The theme, ‘Poetry in Motion’ seems apt. Wildlife are poetry waiting to happen, just as children are. Two of these photos were taken by our dear friend, David Friend, in Zambia. I think I have mentioned him in the past. David is an aide worker in Zambia, he has been working as a doctor/surgeon in Africa for over 15 years now voluntarily. He is one of the most humble, generous human beings I know.  Anyone can donate to his cause whenever they like, by going to his webpage:

There is also a Youtube video showing the work he does

Poetry in motion

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Quote of the day: Character is like a tree

I love this quote from Abraham Lincoln, it is another favorite of mine. I connected it to a photograph a friend took on our journey into Patuet, South Sudan. We had to walk for three hours to reach the village, as the plane couldn’t land on the dirt airstrip, because it was too short. The second time we went, the airstrip had been extended, so we didn’t have to walk. This photo is amazing though; it was worth the agony, blisters and all. Watching the women doing their daily chores, collecting water, with children and livestock in tow. We do have it easy, don’t we!

Abraham Lincoln quote

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Comical trapeze artist

I have been trying to find a photograph to go with my latest work. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to find a photo of my Dad in his circus days; Dad passed away several years back. Mum has so many photos stashed in boxes, biscuit tins and containers of all sorts, hidden in the shed, and doesn’t live in our vicinity. I know I need to go and help clean out the shed and sort out some of my Mother’s memories with her. Taking time from the new job will be tricky, but I am hoping when a close family friend comes to Australia to stay in a couple of months, we will take time off and go down to Mums’ place; many hands make light work. I really want to post this poem though, it brings up a wealth of memories and adventures. I’m hoping to find a photo, I will then post this poem attached to that photograph at a later date.

Comical trapeze artist

A sentimental ditty,
a heartfelt mustered tune.
He entertained simplicity,
a magnanimous buffoon.

Hardier than the fool;
Foolhardiness his friend –
Recklessness his artistry;
though chary, in the end.

Stubbornness to carry on;
flexibility to bend.
Flying high not comical;
a fall – ‘He’s on the mend!’

Stretching irritates his bones,
as age begins to bite.
Memories of past endeavours;
a figure in full flight.

A small life – No! Not small
at all; he teeters on the edge.
His stories leave a legacy;
a comic, fully fledged.

Sharon Hughes ©2013

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Learning a new language

I am taking on a new task, in my already jam-packed life!  I have decided to learn a new language….. I know, you are most likely wondering, WHY?
My Father was (he is no longer with us) from Malta; I have always had a yearning to go to Malta, and to learn the language.  Dad tried to teach me; but my bad stutter as a child/adolescent, and fear of speaking more than a few words at a time, even in English, hampered my drive to learn.  I have since mastered the stutter (for a long while now actually, except on a bad day, then it occasionally returns with gusto.  Nothing that deep breathing and a nice cuppa tea can’t remedy)!  So I have decided to push through.  I am using an online language learner ‘italk’, as there are no Maltese language classes in Perth,  Australia (I guess it’s not as popular as Italian or Spanish).  I have also been using  Google Translate.  I know the basics that I picked up from dad (although, swearing doesn’t count, considering I prefer not to curse in English, let alone another language). 🙂  So….  
kif int ħbieb tiegħi (how are you my friends) and  jixtiequ me Xorti fl-vjaġġ ġdida tiegħi (wish me luck in my new journey).
I have also been looking at villas and townhouses in Malta (my husband raised his eyebrows when I showed him a property).  Looking at a holiday home/rental property.  I found a really nice one in St. Paul’s Bay; (my hubby happens to be named Paul too).  Here are some photos I got from this site:
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(Sharon Hughes 2012)

Not belonging, disconnected from this reality.

Haphazard certainty, buried in philosophies;

suffocating the reason for being. Twisting

the truth, creating paths leading to nowhere.

A narrow, simple path rejected by the masses.

Silence – listen to the call, gentle echoes.

The multitudes caress a pseudo ‘peaceful

persuasion’. Warring aimlessly within;

mocking a certainty seemingly too simple

to embrace. Creation will not relinquish

verity…..’the stones will cry out…’

‘The heavens declare the glory of God…’

Seductive half-truths quench our desire

for knowledge. Questioning this reality

stimulates a wisdom that has been buried

in ‘red tape’- slumbering hapless souls….

Awaken us sweet truth, afore our decaying

shells. Vessels of clay with hearts of stone.

Busselton Sunset (photo taken by Sharon Hughes)