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I have posted this poem in the past; it is made up of several haiku poems I wrote on camels that I decided to join together.  They seem to flow well.  The photo was taken in Broome, Western Australia, on Cable Beach.  I last posted that my husband and I had our 25th wedding anniversary in March.  We rode down the beach on camels in our hippie garb, to meet our celebrant, who did a wonderful job helping us to have a memorable renewing of our vows ceremony!  Our photographer did a wonderful job capturing every moment too!  It was one of many delightful occasions that my dear husband and I have shared over the last 25 years, and knowing that there are many more to come!


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Comical trapeze artist

I have been trying to find a photograph to go with my latest work. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to find a photo of my Dad in his circus days; Dad passed away several years back. Mum has so many photos stashed in boxes, biscuit tins and containers of all sorts, hidden in the shed, and doesn’t live in our vicinity. I know I need to go and help clean out the shed and sort out some of my Mother’s memories with her. Taking time from the new job will be tricky, but I am hoping when a close family friend comes to Australia to stay in a couple of months, we will take time off and go down to Mums’ place; many hands make light work. I really want to post this poem though, it brings up a wealth of memories and adventures. I’m hoping to find a photo, I will then post this poem attached to that photograph at a later date.

Comical trapeze artist

A sentimental ditty,
a heartfelt mustered tune.
He entertained simplicity,
a magnanimous buffoon.

Hardier than the fool;
Foolhardiness his friend –
Recklessness his artistry;
though chary, in the end.

Stubbornness to carry on;
flexibility to bend.
Flying high not comical;
a fall – ‘He’s on the mend!’

Stretching irritates his bones,
as age begins to bite.
Memories of past endeavours;
a figure in full flight.

A small life – No! Not small
at all; he teeters on the edge.
His stories leave a legacy;
a comic, fully fledged.

Sharon Hughes ©2013

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Australia Day Long Weekend

I was given the opportunity to take a 4 day long weekend for Australia Day (January 26th for those not from Australia).  We headed down the south coast of WA, to Busselton to go camping and fishing.  We took some great photos of our trip.  It takes around 2 ½ to make the journey, and is well worth it!  I love the Australian coast, the outback, the rainforests, the eucalypt and banksia woodlands (everything about our extreme land really)!  The trip was a bit of a double-edged sword; cementing the fact that all I want to do now is to retire and spend the rest of my life travelling with my husband, running his fledgling fishing business (sustainable of course), and going off and doing aid projects and volunteer work whenever I want to.  I am torn really….. Still in my mid-40s, with 3 adult children (well our 17 year old is almost fully self-reliant) still all at home; with a mortgage and at least 20 to 30 years of a career in science still on the horizon….. (What to do)?  Nevertheless, I have a great family, a good job and an amazing God leading the way.

We caught some Blue Manna Crabs (Portunus pelagicus) for one of our meals, and another camper (all of whom were incredibly friendly) shared a Tailor (Pomatomus saltatrix) fish from his catch with us.  Every single person who went fishing, fished for food and only took what they needed and bigger than the minimum size limits (this, and the fact that everyone kept each other in line impressed me).   We met people from all over the place in this one little camping ground.  A young couple with a toddler from Holland, travelling around Australia in a camping van, a German couple, some Japanese and Swiss folks (all travelling Australia in cars, vans and caravans).  We also met some great folks from Perth, taking the Australia Day long weekend off to enjoy the south west like us.

The 145-year-old Busselton Jetty is the longest timber-piled jetty in the southern hemisphere, measuring 1841 metres (almost 2kms); it is one of Australia’s most unique eco-tourism sites.  We have taken some good photos of the jetty, it is an amazing walk; and for those who can’t take the walk down to the end and back, a little shuttle train is available for a fun ride (we walked it several times over the weekend, a mean feat in heat ranging from 37⁰C to 40⁰C).  Anyway, enjoy the photos, we enjoyed the time away!  Back to the hustle and bustle of real life tomorrow!

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Last Day of Summer Holidays!

Well, today is the final day of my 10 days of wonderful summer holidays!  I went for a lovely walk into the Yellagonga Regional Park once again, to see if I could spot some wildlife!  Sadly, no snakes, lizards or kangaroos.  But, I did see birds, dragonflies, wasps and lots of spiders, trees and beautiful bushland.  My husband (Paul) didn’t join me today, so his great photography skills were missed.  It gave me the chance to practice; unfortunately I didn’t get as good a shot of the dragonflies, but I got one in mid-flight over three photographs, hovering elegantly in the breeze.  I have another dragonfly haiku  poem to represent these photos.


(Sharon Hughes, 2010)

Dragonflies dance, silent;

until their wings beat upon

a summer’s day breeze.

When I arrived home from an hour of trudging through the bush with my trusty camera; I found another photographic opportunity…… My beautiful 20 year old son, Phil!  He decided to go skate boarding down a steep decline on New Years Eve, after becoming inebriated at a party!  After a major face plant on the downhill road, he came out with several fairly nasty looking grazes.  They don’t look too bad now; and best of all his face is pretty much still intact!  Thank goodness!

Here is the slide show of the bushwalk and our son’s face bash!

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Youch! Another Birthday….

Youch!  Another birthday has come and almost gone. I took the day off work; not because I had planned it (I usually work on my birhtday), but because I stayed up late (after midnight) making sushi rolls to take to work for colleagues to share, and they didn’t turn out the way I had planned! So I went to bed a littled exhausted and deflated, and woke up not quite feeling up to it!  Not a great excuse to take a bludge (sicky), but nethertheless….

Paul and I spent the weekend swimming, snorkelling and kayaking at one of the many local beaches we live close to (Summer in Australia…AAAHHH!)  I had some lovely birthday presents from my kids.  Home made card, perfume and a surfing bear wearing sunnies.  The best gift is that both our sons have quit smoking; so they wil lbe healthier individuals, with more money to spend on more important things (YAY!!!)  Here are some photos.


Our daughter’s birthday


Today is our daughters’ birthday. Lisa is the youngest of Paul and my three children. She is 17, I can’t believe we have three grown kids. Hayden  and Phil were 21 and 20 in July, and although they haven’t left the nest yet, all are very independent, leaving Paul and I more time to concentrate on the aid projects (Southern Sudan predominantly), and Paul’s budding fishing lure business. Praying all goes well with both.  AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO OUR VERY SPECIAL GIRL! WE LOVE YOU LISA!!!

Bali and Lisa in 2011