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Explosive Surrender

I took this photo when we were flying from Lokichoggio airport, near the border of Kenya and South Sudan. This airport is where many aid agencies fly from to go to various destinations. We flew in a light aircraft with AIM AIR Kenya over the Great Rift Valley, I had the wonderful opportunity to photograph the Menengai Crater Volcano. It was absolutely amazing. I also had a chance to photograph some farmland and valley views surrounding the crater. I will post some with future poetry.
Explosive Surrender

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Bare Bones

Because I haven’t had the chance to write, or post any thing for Easter, I just wrote a poem, depicting Christ’s gift to us – His life.  Praise God, for His resurrection, and the hope given to those who call upon His name.  Often I am told that my poetry comes across as rather dark – But I hope that light is seen in the vein of my writing.  This is what I ideally intend to depict; yet my life experiences have not always been, what should I say ‘Yellow’ (a colour associated with sun, warmth, happiness and fun) – Hence, this tends to weave its way into most of my work, hopefully ending in promise and joy, and bringing hope to the reader.


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Life’s Ghosts

I have been using quite a few photos David Friend has sent to us from Zambia, to enhance my poetry.  As I have shared before, David is a missionary aide worker (doctor) in Africa, he has committed his life to aide work, and has been a wonderful friend and mentor of mine for 30 years now.  If anyone is interested in his work, or even supporting what he does, this is his charity

I also have David’s link on my blogroll.  I wrote this poem over several days, I hope you all enjoy it, along with the beautiful photograph David has taken.  By the way, my Maltese language vocab is growing, not an easy feat, nevertheless, GOST ! (FUN)! And,  jkollhom jum kbir (have a nice day).

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I have been busily writing poetry (contemporary and haiku), and coupling them with photographs my friend David, my husband Paul and I have taken.  I am starting with a photograph David Friend took of a beautiful dragonfly in Zambia.  I love how David captured the essence of this beautiful insect.  Prior to being in medical science (pharmaceuticals), I worked in agricultural science (entomology).  I love insects almost as much as I love reptiles and amphibians (almost neck and neck).  I find them rather difficult to capture, therefore challenging and rather entrancing when capturing a good photograph, particularly of a flying insect.  I am still practicing my insect photography, but my husband Paul and our friend David seem to do a really good job at capturing wonderful insect shots.  I wrote the poem ‘DANGEROUS EXCELLENCE’ a couple of days ago. I hope you enjoy it.

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night sky
Image by dcysurfer / Dave Young via Flickr


(Sharon Hughes, 2011)

Silence; as the night embraces Creation!

Still, darkness is overcome by shimmering

beams lighting up the sky! Small flames

of hope, dotted purposefully throughout

the heavens. A symbol of freedom, hope;

A glimmer of peace and what is to come!

Light, gently filtering through the darkness;

yet persistently present – Purposeful Creator.

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Quote of the Day: Our Deepest Fear

open your eyes
Image by AlicePopkorn via Flickr

I love this quote by Marianne Williamson, one of my favourites.