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I wrote this poem back in 2000. As I had said in an earlier post; I have been going through my journals of past poetry; it has been rather interesting watching my writing techniques change and develop over time.  It has been a lovely day, sunny and warm.  Only one more week until winter is over here in Australia, then spring (my favourite season, followed close by summer).  I am not a wintry person; some like to rug up, I like barefoot or sandals and wearing dresses, shorts and happy clothes!  Western Australia also has the best wildflower show of all time!  Go bush, and the amazing array of native flora and the display of colour is majestic!  I have been outside to take some photos of the cloudy sky, rain is coming tomorrow. I thought I’d put this old poem to one of these photos.



Those who have been following my blog from the beginning know that I love walking through the nearby Yellagonga Regional Park; a protected bush land and lake (Lake Joondalup), not far from our home. Western Australia (particularly the city of Perth) has been really good at keeping protected areas of native bush land interspersed within suburbia. Therefore we get to see native wildlife, from kangaroos through to birds of all kinds, right on our doorstep (this also means getting visits from venomous snakes during the spring and summer months); which is not a problem for me, as I love seeing snakes and other reptiles in the wild. I have written and posted quite a few haiku attached to wildlife photos my husband and I have taken over the last couple of years. Here is a display of four favorites, attached to favorite photos that I have posted in the past.


We have been away for the weekend, enjoying some time with our son, daughter inlaw and little grandson in Melbourne (which happens to be on the other side of Australia).  I enjoyed the chaos and noise that a young household bring; but am looking forward to some alone time, to thank our creator for everything He has done for us and given to us graciously.

The photo I have linked to my latest poem was taken, once again, in Monkey Mia, Northern Western Australia.  The Dolphin Beach Resort we stayed at had resident wild emus roaming the grounds.  The resort is a caravan park with areas for tents, caravans and campers and there are  chalets on the beach front.  The emus love roaming along the beach, so do the pelicans.  The wildlife are amazing, I so enjoyed the nature in this serene place.  Solitude beckoned, I answered….


Haiku: Sentinels

I took this photograph at the Yellagonga Regional Park; as those who regularly read my blog know, this is a favourite place of mine to walk and photograph.  I have been laying low this past week; believe it or not, I have a novel on the boil; although I have only recently made my way back to it, putting it on the back burner, as I often do with many things I start ( I think they call it procrastination, correct me if I’m wrong)….

I love birds, particularly Australian Cockatoos.  Pink and Grey Galahs are prevalent across Australia.  They are also known as the Rose-breasted Cockatoo (Eolophus roseicapilla).  Unfortunately, not all of our Cockatoos are as prevalent.  I have attempted to photograph the Carnaby’s Black-Cockatoo (Calyptorhynchus latirostris); sadly this endemic, Western Australian bird is endangered.  This grand bird has a  wingspan of up to 110cm, and can weigh around 520 – 790g (large for a Cockatoo).  It is endemic to the South-West of Western Australia, as it feeds predominantly on native proteaceous plant seeds, such as Banksia, Hakea and Grevillea, and secondarily on seeds from myrtaceous plants such as Eucalyptus and Corymbia.   Major threats to Carnaby’s Cockatoo include clearing of their feeding and breeding areas for housing, destruction of nesting hollows (people using logs for firewood), competition with other species for nesting hollows, and illegal poaching (they are a big-ticket item on the black market).  There are 13 species of Cockatoos in Australia.

I wrote a haiku for this photo I took of the Pink and Grey Galahs I love, although they are prevalent, they are still special.

Haiku: Komodo

I love reptiles with a passion.  I even have a tattoo of a lizard on my back (not displayed for all to see).  Australia has some of the most amazing reptiles in the world, including the salt water crocodile.  We have some great goannas (also known as ‘Monitor Lizards‘); the largest of these is the Perentie (Varanus giganteus); they can grow up to 8.2 ft or 2.5 meters long; but these reptiles are fairly hard to find, as they are found in the arid desert areas of Western Australia, South Australia, the Northern Territory and Queensland. They live in rocky outcrops and gorges.  Perenties are the fourth largest lizard in the world, after the Komodo dragon, Crocodile monitor and Water Monitor.  A common Australian Goanna found everywhere across Australia (even in the suburbs or local bushland) is the Sand Goanna (Varanus gouldii).  They grow to an average length of around 4ft 6 inches or around 1.4 meters.  Our son Phil works in a plant nursery not far from home, he sees them walking around the nursery.  I mentioned the Komodo Dragon, which hails from Indonesia.  When Lisa, Tania and I went to Bali, we visited the reptile park, I took a photo of a Komodo dragon.  I have written a Haiku for this photo (yet again), hope you all enjoy it!