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Bare Bones

Because I haven’t had the chance to write, or post any thing for Easter, I just wrote a poem, depicting Christ’s gift to us – His life.  Praise God, for His resurrection, and the hope given to those who call upon His name.  Often I am told that my poetry comes across as rather dark – But I hope that light is seen in the vein of my writing.  This is what I ideally intend to depict; yet my life experiences have not always been, what should I say ‘Yellow’ (a colour associated with sun, warmth, happiness and fun) – Hence, this tends to weave its way into most of my work, hopefully ending in promise and joy, and bringing hope to the reader.


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Budding Blogger!

This is my blogging debut. I am looking forward to sharing my insights my figments and my imagination with all who are interested. I have a ‘wild imagination’! I imagine that we can all share our knowledge and skills to empower one another on a global level. I imagine we can all acknowledge that we all have something good to contribute; that’s why we exist, after all! Cheers, and happy blogging!

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