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I have been busily writing poetry (contemporary and haiku), and coupling them with photographs my friend David, my husband Paul and I have taken.  I am starting with a photograph David Friend took of a beautiful dragonfly in Zambia.  I love how David captured the essence of this beautiful insect.  Prior to being in medical science (pharmaceuticals), I worked in agricultural science (entomology).  I love insects almost as much as I love reptiles and amphibians (almost neck and neck).  I find them rather difficult to capture, therefore challenging and rather entrancing when capturing a good photograph, particularly of a flying insect.  I am still practicing my insect photography, but my husband Paul and our friend David seem to do a really good job at capturing wonderful insect shots.  I wrote the poem ‘DANGEROUS EXCELLENCE’ a couple of days ago. I hope you enjoy it.

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HAIKUS: Dragonflies and Kangaroo

Dragonfly Yellagonga Regional Park (photo taken by my husband, Paul Hughes)

Yes, as a good blogging friend had said; some haiku have come from these photographs, recently taken at our local Regional Park.


(Sharon Hughes, 2011) 

Dragonflies dance, silent;

until their wings beat upon

a summer’s day breeze.

On the hop (photo taken by my husband, Paul Hughes)


(Sharon Hughes, 2011)

Agility, grace!

Bounding through open bushland;

guiding his mob home.