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I took this photograph in Patuet, South Sudan (once again) in 2009; OK, I know! I have hundreds of photos from this time, and many other times that I cherish, the memories are wonderful.  Photos are like touch ups of memories that over time begin to fade. Unless we go back, almost like returning to the easel, these memories can pummel into oblivion, skewing our recollection of events and adventures; sort of like a dream really. Dreams can’t be returned to like photos or touched up, like an old painting; this is probably for the best in many instances….. Particularly for me, the nightmare is a frequent visitor. I’m a don’t shut down without a fight kinda person, a storm raging in the head, a light that won’t go out, no matter how many times I try to turn it off; sort of like reaching for the switch, but it’s too high (I am only 4 foot 10 inches tall)!

Anyway, back to the photograph; I took it when we were walking back to the dusty man-made airstrip, this little home is teetering on the edge of the airstrip that locals made, by jumping up and down on the ground, until the earth was compacted sufficiently (no joke). It was rather a precarious landing when we arrived, but better than walking for three hours from the nearest village, as we did in 2007. Life is an adventure, no matter where you live, what you do or who you are…. Grab it, run with it, dream good dreams, live long!



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It has been well over a month since I have been able to get to my blog, let alone write anything.   As for all of us; life has been somewhat full on, in one way or another.  I went for a stroll and took some photos of the sky; as usual these walks occur when I am in a reflective or contemplative mood (which unfortunately, is relatively often). 🙂

When I sifted through the photos, I noticed a ‘Smiley Face’ characterised in the clouds.  I wrote a poem recently that seemed to fit this photograph.  Let me know if you can or cannot see the face in the clouds.  (It is possibly just all in my mind, as many things are)……

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Haiku: Dragonfly in Spring

Paul took some photos of several dragonflies at the Yellagonga Regional Park.  I once again, connected one of these photos to a new haiku I wrote.  I am enjoying  putting photographs to my poetry.  This was taken in spring last year (not that long ago).  Sadly it is almost the end of summer here in Australia.  Fortuneately, the seasons do not adhere to the man-made calendar.  I am hoping we can enjoy the warm sunshine for a little longer yet.  I saw a green dragonfly the other day, but unfortuneately didn’t get the camera out in time (the excuse of my life)!  So here’s another blue one that Paul caught close up.



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I have been busily writing poetry (contemporary and haiku), and coupling them with photographs my friend David, my husband Paul and I have taken.  I am starting with a photograph David Friend took of a beautiful dragonfly in Zambia.  I love how David captured the essence of this beautiful insect.  Prior to being in medical science (pharmaceuticals), I worked in agricultural science (entomology).  I love insects almost as much as I love reptiles and amphibians (almost neck and neck).  I find them rather difficult to capture, therefore challenging and rather entrancing when capturing a good photograph, particularly of a flying insect.  I am still practicing my insect photography, but my husband Paul and our friend David seem to do a really good job at capturing wonderful insect shots.  I wrote the poem ‘DANGEROUS EXCELLENCE’ a couple of days ago. I hope you enjoy it.