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Life’s Ghosts

I have been using quite a few photos David Friend has sent to us from Zambia, to enhance my poetry.  As I have shared before, David is a missionary aide worker (doctor) in Africa, he has committed his life to aide work, and has been a wonderful friend and mentor of mine for 30 years now.  If anyone is interested in his work, or even supporting what he does, this is his charity

I also have David’s link on my blogroll.  I wrote this poem over several days, I hope you all enjoy it, along with the beautiful photograph David has taken.  By the way, my Maltese language vocab is growing, not an easy feat, nevertheless, GOST ! (FUN)! And,  jkollhom jum kbir (have a nice day).

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Learning a new language

I am taking on a new task, in my already jam-packed life!  I have decided to learn a new language….. I know, you are most likely wondering, WHY?
My Father was (he is no longer with us) from Malta; I have always had a yearning to go to Malta, and to learn the language.  Dad tried to teach me; but my bad stutter as a child/adolescent, and fear of speaking more than a few words at a time, even in English, hampered my drive to learn.  I have since mastered the stutter (for a long while now actually, except on a bad day, then it occasionally returns with gusto.  Nothing that deep breathing and a nice cuppa tea can’t remedy)!  So I have decided to push through.  I am using an online language learner ‘italk’, as there are no Maltese language classes in Perth,  Australia (I guess it’s not as popular as Italian or Spanish).  I have also been using  Google Translate.  I know the basics that I picked up from dad (although, swearing doesn’t count, considering I prefer not to curse in English, let alone another language). 🙂  So….  
kif int ħbieb tiegħi (how are you my friends) and  jixtiequ me Xorti fl-vjaġġ ġdida tiegħi (wish me luck in my new journey).
I have also been looking at villas and townhouses in Malta (my husband raised his eyebrows when I showed him a property).  Looking at a holiday home/rental property.  I found a really nice one in St. Paul’s Bay; (my hubby happens to be named Paul too).  Here are some photos I got from this site: