Work of Art

Work of Art
(Sharon Hughes, 2000)
Taken from the dusty earth,
fashioned into clay.
Thrown onto a potter’s wheel,
created in a day.                      
Designed for a purpose,
to serve the maker’s task.
Not meant to be a chalice,
just a simple flask.
Is the flask that simple?
No simpler than the cup!
All are used for drinking,
whilst we sit to sup.
A goblet is more fitting
for the royal few.
For a picnic in the park,
a flask will only do.
Sitting in the scorching heat,
the clay begins to crack.
Attempting to return to dust,
yearning to go back.
Preferring to be nothingness,
instead of the old flask.
Forgetful of the purpose
to serve the maker’s task.
Master Potter