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Wisdom in Creaton

G’day all! It has been a while, a month to be precise, since I have posted anything!  It has been raining madly here in Western Australia.  This is rather unusual for us this time of year; though unseasonable weather is becoming the norm, with global warming and the destruction of our intricate ecosystem, mining land and ocean…. etc.  We know it all, yet still seem almost deliberately unaware.  We went to the beach for our regular walk; Paul took some lovely shots before the rain set in again.  Is it spring here?  Fragile, chaotic…. Life!  Have a lovely day! 🙂

Wisdom in Creation


7 thoughts on “Wisdom in Creaton”

      1. You’re welcome and Happy Friday! I don’t know how the sales are going, but I do know that I’ve sold some! 🙂 I’m waiting for my order to come in so I can go to local bookstores, etc. it’s still very exciting and you should do the same!

  1. Love both poetry and photography. Love how you put them together, even if the photo doesn’t really have to do with the poem. Gorgeous words for beautiful shots!

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