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Gold fish fanasy

It is rather late here…. Yet again, sleep eludes me!  I have work in 7 hours; I will feel ragged and worn, as usual, due to long working days, and insomniac tendencies!  Oh well, poetry brings me solace! I have written a couple tonight; but after going through past journals, have come across some archaic poems I wrote more than a decade ago.  They seem rather childlike,  I guess my style of writing has changed a little over time.  Again, my wonderfully artistic hubby has taken a photo, yet again at the Melbourne zoo.  I thought it rather apt, in an elusive kind of way!

Getting off the subject of poetry, insomnia and the like…. In 3 and a half weeks one of my best friends in the entire universe is coming to Australia for a visit!  We haven’t set eyes on him for 7 years, so it is rather exciting, and will be the longest 3 and a half weeks of my life, and the shortest 1 and a half days of his stay!  Yes…. he can only stay for 1 and a half days!  David has been raising much needed funds back in his homeland of New Zealand, for his aide projects in Zambia.  He is a doctor, and has been a much loved friend of mine for over 30 years!  The fact that anyone could manage to cope with my idiosyncrasies for that long is a miracle, to say the least!  I have two such friends, besides my husband, and they both live miles away! I guess that’s why they can put up with me!  My hubby on the other hand, well, he’s either a saint, or just as nuts as I am! (Love him for it!)  I love my life!

Gold fish fantasy




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