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Love in any language

I just wrote this poem and set it on a photo Paul (the love of my life, besides our children) took at Monkey Mia. This lovely dolphin and her calf came swimming beside the catamaran, the little one began practicing his/her leaps and somersaults over Mama and in front of the boat. It was rather surreal and wonderful all at the same time.  Paul attempted to get a photo of the leaping calf, but only managed a far off one, so this is the best we have.  The poem depicts Motherhood, the way I’m feeling, letting go of our young ones (the youngest almost 19 now); watching them stumble and pick themselves up; then watching the light go in their eyes. Experiences bring….. should I not say it? ‘EXPERIENCE’….. With experience comes scarring of some sort.  Scars are personal, thus forming a character all of their own.  There is a female dolphin who made herself known to the locals around the Shark Bay area. She is rather old in dolphin terms, and has a  large chunk taken from her back and part of her fin missing from a Great White Shark attack (a common predator around Shark Bay).  the scar has healed, but it is quite prominent, and tourists can see it from shore when she comes in close.

Love in any language


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