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Haiku: Life Cycles

I haven’t posted a haiku for a while now.  Possibly due to the leaner writing times I have recently been enduring.  I have attached the most recent haiku I wrote to a photograph my sister actually took, when my daughter and I went to Bali with her (Tania) in July 2011.  WOW!  Time flies, Bali in July, then commencing a new job in August!  I cannot believe that I have been in the new job for 6 months already!  I am getting a little testy, ‘itchy feet’ so to speak.  We will see where it all leads…. 🙂

Here is my haiku and the beautiful photo my sister took of a Rice field in Bali.  I love agricultural science (as those who often read my blog know); so I have a bit of an affinity with this photo.

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