(Sharon Hughes 2012)

Not belonging, disconnected from this reality.

Haphazard certainty, buried in philosophies;

suffocating the reason for being. Twisting

the truth, creating paths leading to nowhere.

A narrow, simple path rejected by the masses.

Silence – listen to the call, gentle echoes.

The multitudes caress a pseudo ‘peaceful

persuasion’. Warring aimlessly within;

mocking a certainty seemingly too simple

to embrace. Creation will not relinquish

verity…..’the stones will cry out…’

‘The heavens declare the glory of God…’

Seductive half-truths quench our desire

for knowledge. Questioning this reality

stimulates a wisdom that has been buried

in ‘red tape’- slumbering hapless souls….

Awaken us sweet truth, afore our decaying

shells. Vessels of clay with hearts of stone.

Busselton Sunset (photo taken by Sharon Hughes)