The ABC Blogger Award

I would like again to thank http://lscotthoughts.com/ for nominating me for the ABC Blogger Award.  I love Laurens’ poetry, the soul she puts into her blog and her kind heart!

You can choose as many bloggers as you like to recieve this award.  I have quite a few favourites, whom I regularly visit, and I believe have ‘Awesome Blog Content’.  The only rule is that you use the alphabet to describe yourself, or give a little information about who you are! I will nominate my ABC bloggers first, then give the low down of who I am alphabetically….













The ABC of my life is as follows:

A  –  Agricultural Aide, Adventurous    B – Biologist    C – Children, Can Do    D – Developing Countries    E – Environment, Entomology   F – Family, Free Trade, Farming    G – God Rules    H – Hard Work    I – Idealistic    J – Jesus, Justice    K – Kindness goes a long way    L – Love    M – Married    N – Nature    O – Optimism    P – Peace and Poetry    Q – Questioning    R – Rambling    S – Sudan, Science, Sustainability    T – Truth    U – Unconventional   V – Value Freedom for all    W – Welcoming    X – Xtreme    Y – Young at heart    Z – Zealous



9 thoughts on “The ABC Blogger Award”

  1. Congratulations with the award, you really deserve it for your great blog. And thank you for passing it on to me. I am deeply honoured. I will get to fulfilling the rules in a little while. In the mean time, keep up the good work yourself!

  2. HI Sharon,

    Just a quick peek to say “congrats” again and thank you very much for your kind words. I’ll hopefully return next week. Thanks for all your prayers, too. I’ll definitely reply to everyone next week. I hope you’re doing well, too~xx

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