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I haven’t had an opportunity to blog my thoughts for well over a week now.  Business busyness has occupied my time up until today!  The weekend has brought yet another warm Australian summers day, with some ominous looking clouds, and a threat of a thunderous summer storm.  I am thankful for  the inconsistencies in the science of meteorology; otherwise we would not have been able to enjoy the beach, watching the yachts, boats and jet skis, and being on the water in our kayaks.  I have also been experiencing some lean times with my poetry writing….. I have been in a slump, a ditch was dug (so to speak)……. By the way I am very apt at digging ditches, fortunately, I have also become very adept at clawing my way out (call it experience)!  Thus, I have written something down today, I will share it before I post some photographs we took today on our jaunt to the beach.

Speaking of photographs: I took one specifically to portray an experience we had (unfortunately we missed the photographic opportunity, due to a slow hand on my part).  There is a photo with a communication tower in the background…..  A Sea Eagle roosts on this tower.  We looked up to see a beautiful Sea Eagle coming from the breakwater, in its’ talons was a large rat.  This breakwater is home to numerous rats, living in the rocky outcrops; it provides an abundant source of food for this very crafty eagle.  Paul and I scrambled for the camera (my phone); alas, missing the opportunity.  We sat and watched from afar, as the bird perched on the tower, devouring its’ prey. It also occurred to us that nobody else on the beach noticed this wonderful sight; it also reminded me that we often seem to be walking  around with blinkers on, missing numerous wonders and opportunities that are, I believe, regularly put in our paths.


(Sharon Hughes, 2012)

She spent her life upon a rock, unstable as it was.

Sediment surrounding her, her hapless soul erodes.

Her world is growing smaller, its edges chipped away.

 “Am I an island sinking deep into an abysmal grave”?

A reply came back from deep within, far beyond her reach.

She stretched her neck and steeled her ears – a whisper….

“An island you are not upon, landlocked, no, you are not!

Entwined with other souls you are; you’re not upon a rock!”

She looked about the shrinking stone she’d set herself upon;

and saw a lot of other rocks with land; they linked as one.

Many souls, they felt the same, hands outstretched to grasp.

Extended arms, she reached across, to serve her makers task.

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10 thoughts on “NOT AN ISLAND”

  1. I really love this poem, and I truly admire what you are doing in the Sudan. I am a student studying agriculture, and I hope to pursue similar goals in aiding others and helping to empower the invisible. Your work there really inspires me to do more when I’ve completed my studies! I will definitely follow your blog, I love the poetry! If you’d like to check out my poetry site at http://www.originalpoetry.org feel free

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