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Last Day of Summer Holidays!

Well, today is the final day of my 10 days of wonderful summer holidays!  I went for a lovely walk into the Yellagonga Regional Park once again, to see if I could spot some wildlife!  Sadly, no snakes, lizards or kangaroos.  But, I did see birds, dragonflies, wasps and lots of spiders, trees and beautiful bushland.  My husband (Paul) didn’t join me today, so his great photography skills were missed.  It gave me the chance to practice; unfortunately I didn’t get as good a shot of the dragonflies, but I got one in mid-flight over three photographs, hovering elegantly in the breeze.  I have another dragonfly haiku  poem to represent these photos.


(Sharon Hughes, 2010)

Dragonflies dance, silent;

until their wings beat upon

a summer’s day breeze.

When I arrived home from an hour of trudging through the bush with my trusty camera; I found another photographic opportunity…… My beautiful 20 year old son, Phil!  He decided to go skate boarding down a steep decline on New Years Eve, after becoming inebriated at a party!  After a major face plant on the downhill road, he came out with several fairly nasty looking grazes.  They don’t look too bad now; and best of all his face is pretty much still intact!  Thank goodness!

Here is the slide show of the bushwalk and our son’s face bash!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


7 thoughts on “Last Day of Summer Holidays!”

  1. I’m gonna try this to see if it works…this is a pic of a dragonfly that I visited one day last summer(it’s winter here now) I am delighted I know now why I took the picture…it was for you!…

    So I tried to leave the pic but.. wouldn’t work. So I leave this instead, If you go to my site and click on my “about” page you will see a folder marked “My pics” about half way down is a dragonfly for you, please feel free to copy it and add it to your collection…from Colorado US…

    Good Post sorry my reply was so lengthy, I really am glad to have found your blog. Blessings to you.-watw

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