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HAIKU: An Enigma

Welcoming party in Patuet, South Sudan


(Sharon Hughes, 2011) 

An enigma – Life!

Nothing good is aimless – Hope!

Nothing aimless is good….

Bubbles! Fun in any language!

6 thoughts on “HAIKU: An Enigma”

  1. It is an honor to meet you Sharon, My name is Caroline but my blogger friends know me as WATW. Please let me offer you my prayers, let me know of specific needs, I will pray. God bless you and all the work you put your hands and heart to.-WATW

      1. I would be happy to see my site listed in your blogroll. Thank you. May I add a link to you here on my Fantastic New Friends List(my blogroll)? I will pray a general prayer of blessing over you and those God is touching through you, let me know if there is anything else you need. God Bless.-WATW

  2. Thanks for all the great pictures by the way, I like them because they are like a window into your world for me. Oh the amazing places I get to visit on my computer. Your life is so different from mine. I am enjoying learning about you and the people you are with. God bless, thanks for letting me ramble a bit.-WATW

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