Youch! Another Birthday….

Youch!  Another birthday has come and almost gone. I took the day off work; not because I had planned it (I usually work on my birhtday), but because I stayed up late (after midnight) making sushi rolls to take to work for colleagues to share, and they didn’t turn out the way I had planned! So I went to bed a littled exhausted and deflated, and woke up not quite feeling up to it!  Not a great excuse to take a bludge (sicky), but nethertheless….

Paul and I spent the weekend swimming, snorkelling and kayaking at one of the many local beaches we live close to (Summer in Australia…AAAHHH!)  I had some lovely birthday presents from my kids.  Home made card, perfume and a surfing bear wearing sunnies.  The best gift is that both our sons have quit smoking; so they wil lbe healthier individuals, with more money to spend on more important things (YAY!!!)  Here are some photos.


3 thoughts on “Youch! Another Birthday….”

      1. Thanks, Sharon, that’s very sweet of you, but in this busy life, I don’t even know where Australia would fit. Maybe in the far future! Glad you had a great birthday, though!

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