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Eyes and a Soul

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Eyes and a Soul
(Sharon Hughes, 2011)


Lifeless eyes staring blankly into
a mirror, gazing back at herself.
Memories are non-existent,
vacated, hidden away forever;
entombed within a plastic crypt.


How long had she been sitting
on the bed?  Dejection –
“Give me a soul … let me feel,
something, ANYTHING!”
Rationale is freedom – depth.


Her speech is absent – voiceless.
Numb legs, motionless limbs.
Get up and walk mannequin;
one leg in front of the other.
Tripping up beats immobility.


She is not a broken doll; yet a
doll, indeed – made for a purpose;
to free a child’s soul.  To allow
a child to play- opening up an
imagination not within herself.


Snatched up – sitting on a sidewalk
stall. A small hand grasps her gently –
“Let’s play, come home with me “…
A new voice; running, jumping.
Memories found in another’s eyes.

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