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Walk in the Park

Paul and I went for a walk in the local Yellagonga Regional Park on the weekend.  We took some photographs of some of the local wildlife.  I love living walking distance from a lake and a large area of Australian bushland. We listen to the cicadas and frogs at night and in the morning the Kookaburras call.  It gives us more of a desire to go on long walks.  I often forget to take our camera, which has usually been a major mistake.  When I do take the camera, we usually don’t see the snakes and lizards or long neck tortoises (as we didn’t this time).  When I do snap some of these critters (my favourites) I will add them to the slide show of photos we have already taken here!  Paul is definitely the better photographer of the two of us.  A mob of kangaroos crossed our path (see slide show), it was interesting to witness how they waited for one another to cross over before setting off again.

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2 thoughts on “Walk in the Park”

  1. Hi Sharon,

    These photos are amazing and I am a bit “green” just reading your post! You are so fortunate to have this experience and I’m glad for you (even though we don’t know each other). I see potential for many Haiku! 🙂

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