illustration from a book of fairy tales,
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(Sharon Hughes, 2009)

Nothing is more uniform,
than one horn on a unicorn.
A dragon is not genuine,
unless he’s in a dungeon
with a chain around his neck.

Nothing is more fanciful
than tree men in a jungle,
surrounded by assassin vines.
The strangled prey that they
entwine are lifeless, nothing less.

More comical, a zombie;
than the wailing of a banshee.
A pirates’ sword upon the throat;
much kinder than the Glaistig goat,
who sucks her victims dry.

A child’s mirth, so far away
from certain woes of everyday.
Rainbows, gold and leprechauns;
meet melodic singing, handsome fauns,
playing harps by night.

A child’s mind, less critical
of things less real, hence whimsical.
We tread upon inventive minds;
grownups suppose it’s less unkind
to bring them down to earth.


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