The Art of Make-Believe

(Sharon Hughes, 2011)

The ventriloquist extended his voice into a void.

Personified within a vacant shell, he toyed with

the tongueless puppet, as it mouthed long

winded sentences into a hysterical crowd.

His lips appear motionless, as the awed throng

observed him, resonating his tuneless song.

The doll croons an empty, meaningless tune

for the masses, for whom it all ends too soon.

Make-believe seemed more palatable than

an elusive reality has been reliable, for this

tired soul, searching for peace.  His joy

stolen, by a Machiavellian  thief.

The puppet is packed away to sleep his busy

night off. The puppeteer becomes dizzy, as

he sculls bourbon, to dull the superficial

conviction that he was the real dummy.

Hope is a vague memory, stifled by the

predicaments that life has thrown at him.

Digging deep into his soul, he attempts to

recover his happiness from amidst the mess.

He remembered what his Mother had said:

“Do not wallow in the shallow; dive in deep,

 give, don’t keep; and life will seem less

hollow; do not flounder at the surface…”

He slept listlessly until the morning, and

awakened to a different tune; a new melody

waiting to be written on the tablets of his

soul – serving breakfast for the homeless…