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Summers Night Breeze

Beautiful Bird

I recently wrote this poem with the anticipation of our wonderful Australian summer being on our doorstep.  I have connected it to some photos we took on a recent trip to Bali. I love the weather there; I also love the warm Australian summers, the animals, the sights and sounds, and the breeze, the way it gently cools and refreshes.  Bali is a wonderful place to go when the weather in Australia is cold. It gives me a taste of what is to come.

Summers Night Breeze
(Sharon Hughes, 2011)


She has held her breath for too long.
The birds call to her, in their yearning
to have her beneath their wings, they
serenade her, eager to lure her to respire.


Do not release your anger; we desire
only to hear you whisper softly, to take
away the heaviness of our depths; to break
the silence, and create a new harmony.


Caress our souls, halt the cacophony
on this still summers night; the cicadas
are crying out, the frogs are vocalizing
their pleas, “Dance for us sweet zephyr”.


She drew in her breath and whispered,
making the trees tingle all over; their
leaves shivered gently as she tenderly
whistled her sentimental tune.

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