(Sharon Hughes,2009)
Am I a reflection in a window?
Mirroring an existence I embody
in a mannequin, dressed to suit this era?
I would rather be naked, broken in pieces;
sprawled across a dressing room floor!                                                                                                  

The girls and I in Patuet, 'round the kitchen

Am I a black and white, sepia toned snapshot?
Bleached and dyed, to create a
colour that never originally existed?
I would rather be a silhouette in the distance;
or hidden behind an obscure door!
Am I an anonymous apparition?
To be passed by, disregarded by the masses,
who pursue favour from the throngs?
I would rather be a lone phantom, than a
carbon-copy cut out in the window of a store! 

A Home in Patuet