Sharon Huhes(DeBono), 1966

(Sharon Hughes, 2009)

She hid in the trees as a child,
and talked to the stars, as they shone.
She played in the sun as it smiled
and skipped on a river with stones.

She layed in the flowers, pulled petals;
watched dragonflies dance on the wind.
Frogs leapt at the sound of her giggles,
as she spun ‘round and ‘round, head a spin.

She played in the sea on his shoulders;
they swam through the waves to the shore.
She wept with the rain as he told her
his heart was not hers any more.

She sat at the mouth of the volcano,
It had no more breath in its’ lungs.
The heart of the mount could not glow,
like the song in her soul, still unsung.

She laughed and ran through the forest,
pressing lichen between her bare toes.
Her memories she held as the happiest,
were the ones that were shaped when alone.

Sharon alone with Ziggy the Iggy Iguana in Indonesia, 2011